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Established in 1981, this cabinet shop began in Paul Nelson’s San Pedro garage with one employee. Within three years of operation, the business outgrew the garage and they moved to a 2500 sq. ft. shop in Long Beach.  Steve Hoff came to work for the company in 1987 and four years later accepted a position as partner.

In 1991 Nelson’s Cabinets purchased their first computer and CAD software program. The work load continued to grow and with new machines and 10 employees the shop was once again just too small.

In 1994, Nelson’s Cabinets moved to a 4000 sq. ft. shop 4 blocks away from their existing space.

In 2004, they purchased their largest piece of equipment to date: a MultiCam CNC Router. This piece of machinery revolutionized every aspect of the business. Once a sheet of material is positioned on the table, a powerful vacuum holds it in place. This machine will bore adjustable shelf holes, hinge base-plate holes, construction holes, as well as perform dado and rabbit cuts and cut out cabinet  parts in a precise manner all at one time. This allows Nelson’s Cabinets to create square and strong cabinets as well as speeds assembly and installation.  Nelson’s Cabinets can even do custom engraving.

As the business continued to grow, in 2006 they moved to their current location in North Long Beach. This 10,000 sq. ft. building currently houses all the operations of Nelson’s Cabinets, Inc. This larger space has also allowed the addition of a showroom where the customer can see and touch several of the items currently being used in many of the cabinets.  This can be extremely helpful in deciding exactly what’s right for your project.

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Nelson's Cabinets' old shop

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Nelson's Cabinets' CNC Machine

CNC Machine

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Shop Showroom