Design Process:

The following are actual drawings of a kitchen we have done.  You will see the plan view, the wall elevations, a 3D color photo drawing and then an actual photo of the completed kitchen.

Floor Plan View

This shows the layout looking down on your kitchen.  Also shows overall layout and general flow of the workspace.



Wall Elevation

Detailed dimensions showing opening sizes, appliances and all details needed to make your decisions.

Once you decide on your cabinet details, including the style (face-frame or frameless), species of wood, interior materials, and door and drawer styles, we will design, build, and install your custom cabinets to your specifications. Using your appliance model number, we can also custom-build the cabinets around existing appliances.


3D Model

Shows colors and gives a realistic look as to what your kitchen could become.

3D color model of custom cabinet install - Nelson's Cabinets


Finished Job

Picture of this kitchen after completion.

Finished kitchen


We use our specialized cabinet design software to clearly show you the plan view, wall elevations and 3-D perspective drawings. All cabinets are installed unfinished by our team, ready for finishing. We work with and can recommend a number of experienced general contractors to handle the details of the project and if you need help finding a company for finish work, flooring, counter tops, lighting or appliances, just let us know!


CNC Machine

Sliding Table Saw